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Let's assume you would have to design a 500 ml (about 1.1 pint) food/beverage container like a can and use the least amount of material. Here is a Python program that explains the steps to achieve this.

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You can draw a number of shapes directly on the PyGame window, and then save the drawing to an image file.

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Dear all, Perhaps a bit of random one, but does anyone have an experience of using the surface fitting toolbox in MATLAB? My specific problem is that I have fitted a polynomial to a surface which is a good fit in this instance (r squared >0.99); fitting using interpolant will …

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Hi! I have a problem with SDL and OpenGL. I wrote a code to convert SDL Surfaces to OpenGL textures. Now I have a function to Draw a rect(with opengl) on a SDL_Surface. That's the code to draw a rect: [CODE] void DrawRect(SDL_Rect *rect, GLuint texture) { float x = …

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Please help me with this bug. I have python 3.0 and I was using pygame and for some reason it isn't reconizing [CODE]windowSurface[/CODE] here Is the code Im having problems with and thanks in advance. [CODE]import pygame, sys, random from pygame.locals import * #*******************************************SETUPVAR************************************************** BLACK = (0, 0, 0) WHITE …

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Before I tell you about Bill Gates’ speech at CEO Summit 2008 today, I’d like to share one more story from my trip to Orlando for STAR EAST last week. And then I’ll tie the two together. In [my May 10 post](http://www.daniweb.com/blogs/entry2434.html) from the conference, I mentioned “Testing Dialogues—In the …

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