Hi, I have a hard disk that has some issues and I was wondering if there's a program out there that would show me like a inside of a hard disk and then have different keys on the surface to represent good and bad areas of the hard disks surface...is there any such program? Please let me know if you need any clarification as to what I'm talking about (don't worry, you definetly wouldn't be the first :p ;) ) and I'll do my best to do so. Also if there isn't such a app would someone here be willing to program it? Thanks in advance, all replies are greatly appreciated! :)

i am pretty sure it is not possible to do with the current technology in desktop computers, mainly cuz this would involve scaning the actaul hard disk which somehow i dont think a program will be able to do. you can just look at your harddrive. if you can get to your operating system i would say the hd is fine, plus i dont see how ne objects could scratch it. i use diskeeper pro to keep my harddrive in shape but that is just defragmenting no actual like checking of the hd's physical condition.

actually I'm pretty sure this would be possible (from what I've seen and experienced)...the apps I've used have referred to clusters using a number like 24482...I assume these numbers some how actually refer to the location of the cluster on the drives physical surface...so based on that making such a program probably wouldn't be all that hard...but I may not be correct about that either (I admit I'm no expert when it comes to the technical works of the HD)...

Well, windows 98 came with the scandisk program which, in windows showed the bad cluster count and in DOS mode, showed the count AND showed a graphical representation of your disk on a chart. Also, Im guessing Norton Disk Doctor can do so as well

ah true...any possible freeware though (and thanks for your reply btw)?