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Hi guys, I was thinking to work on a new interactive project but I might need some advice before I start. So, essentially, I want an interactive map and I want to give users (they will have to have login details of course) the possibility to add as many markers …

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This is a function that I wrote and have re-used many times. I share it with you DaniWebers to use, laud or destroy! In a nutshell, this takes a user's search box input phrase and generates a series of LIKE clauses for your SELECT statement. Looks like "col1 LIKE '%s_term1%' …

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Hi Dw I'm creating a web app for my future use and now I'm having a problem in calling a button to enable it. The web app start with Default.aspx and that where a user had to fill in 3 text boxs and click a button. So I've removed the …

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A blogger for liberal sites such as AlterNet and News Junkie Post has [URL="http://blogs.alternet.org/oleoleolson/2010/08/05/massive-censorship-of-digg-uncovered/"]reported [/URL]discovering a conservative group of online users who systematically work together to bury, or vote down, stories on liberal subjects and by posters they believe to be liberal, in order to keep those stories from becoming …

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