LINK element and "onload" event



For a web app I am building, I am dynamically loading additional JavaScript and CSS files on demand (after the initial page load). According to the html specs, both the <script> and <link> elements support the onload event. I can get <script> tags to load and fire an onload event, but I am having issues with CSS link elements... Only IE seems to acknowledge a <link>'s onload event (since when does IE follow the rules??).

Here is some example code that works in IE, but fails in other browsers...

var link = document.createElement("link");
link.onload = function() {

link.type = "text/css";
link.rel = "stylesheet";
link.href = "somefile.css"; // change this to an actual CSS file


Any ideas about how to achieve a cross-browser compatible solution to this? Please don't question the reasons for such an implementation, this example is stripped down to the minimum for example purposes.

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