I need javascript to trigger the combination of ctrl + minus. Is it possible. I need this because the design of the webpage I'm working on is looking much better at 83 % zoom which couldn't be achieved by CSS zoom property in mozzila firefox.

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Why you want to do things that is not stable at all?
If some how you achieved this, what if user press ctrl+ again. Then you will ask how to restrict this.

You can not restrict user. They will some how break all your twiky walls.

I would suggest you do all the visual stuff in css itself. That will make your page view more manageable.

You can achieve that by adding a listener to the keyboard (attachEvent() for IE and addEventListener() for FF and some others); however, as Luckychap suggested, I don't think it is a good idea to do so. This is the design problem, and it should not be designed the way it is now. Adding more stuff on top of it to solve the issue would give you more and more headache later on...

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