Entire Table disappearing in IE7


I have a problem with a table loading then instantly disappearing in IE7. From googling the problem i've learned that IE7 likes making images and other things disappear to do with background properties and haslayout (though i dont really understand exactly how this works). However i've not found anything about table's disappearing. The div containing just the table is still present and the table still takes up space is just doesn't display.

I'm not sure what parts of the code to present but im talking about the main content bit of http://eutango.org.uk/

Unfortunately the table code is generated by a not particularly well documented wordpress plugin script that's too dense for me to hack.

Please Help!


The div where table resides looks like this in IE7:

<div id="wpng-cal-events" style="display:none;"></div>

In other browsers:

<div id="wpng-cal-events" style="display:block;"></div>

So the problem is that display property is not set to "block" in IE7.


huh... that's really weird, apparently a bug in the script, but easily fixed.

Thanks a lot :)

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