is it possible to create a table inside a html dropdown ? sort of like this(doesnt work)

<select style="" name="test" id="test"  param=test>
	<option name="scrapCode" id="scrapCode" property="scrapCode" param="scrapCode" value="">
<caption>Animal groups</caption>
	<col span="3"/>
	<col class="alternative" />
		<th colspan="2">Cats</th>
		<th style="background: #ddf;">Dogs</th>
		<td style="background: #ddf;">Grey Wolf</td>
		<td style="background: #ddf;">Cape hunting dog</td>
		<td style="background: #ddf;">Very silly big long-long named dog woof</td>
		<td>Red ruffed lemur</td>
		<td style="background: #ddf;">Red Fox</td>
		<td>Ring tailed lemur</td>
		<td>Snow leopard</td>
		<td>Wild cat</td>
		<td style="background: #ddf;">Fennec</td>
		<td>Dwarf lemur</td>