At 12:16 (I live in NH, if the time matters) I noticed I was having a problem with the Java forum and only that one. Whenever I loaded it (using Firefox, WinXP) the thread list was messed just a little. AS you can see it only shows the last post, the number of replies and views is gone. I also am only having the problem on the first page of the Java forum. The other ones are fine.

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I am now on another computer using IE7 and it appears to be normal (time is 8:53). I forgot to test IE7 on my other comptuer, will do that when I get home.


Alright ! I see the same error ! (Using WinXp, Mozilla)

Edit: No such mis-alignment in IE6.

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I just checked again (Windows XP Firefox) and it seems to be back to normal.


It does not look to be problem of only Java section but in general whole site. I try to view same page in firefox and IE with same result. Either dani is trying out something new and there is some mish-mash or some plugin doesn't work. See my screens

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