I think this has raised its ugly head again. Every time (well most of the time anyway) I post in a thread I get this error:

The following errors occurred when this message was submitted

But if I hit the IE7's Refresh button my post was acaully made.

I have not seen that before AD, does it occur if you try firefox ? I use IE and firefox depending on where I am (work or home) and have not encountered that before. Sounds irritating though, wonder if anyone else has encountered that...

Yes...I got similar problems too, but I get kicked off daniweb...sometimes when I hit the refresh button.. I'm using IE7 on vista.

I'm using IE7 on Vista too. I made several posts this morning without a problem, but experienced it again when a post contained a link. Possibly its the links that causes it problems ?

I think you may be onto something there AD, I definately recall this happening when I tried to post links....

Its been doing that to me intermittently for about 6 months on various browsers

Gee. IE -- strike one. Vista -- strike two. Only need one minor thing to go wrong and -- strike three. You're OUT! :icon_wink:

I get it on IE7 on xp though...

Yesterday I got it for the first time ever. I run XP with Firefox 2