Is there someone on DaniWeb who you think should be featured as the Member of the Month in a forthcoming DaniWeb Digest newsletter and added to our virtual hall of fame?

I am looking for worthy candidates for forthcoming newsletters, so why not put forward someone who deserves it? Just add a comment to this thread (or PM me if you prefer) with the name of the member and the reason why you think they should become a Member of the Month.

You can see all previous recipients here and read their member interviews while you are at it.

I would nominate ArkM due to his excellent help in the C and C++ boards (I don't know where else he is at).

Iamthwee? That should give an interesting interview :)

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Another site im on we used to do this!!

Every month there would be '3' members of the month and they had special CUSTOM TITLES for that month.. (But it sadly faded away)

I got MEMBER OF THE MONTH one month :)

Its not a bad idea really :)

The staff votes on the mod base from selected names and whoever gets the most votes gets picked for that month....

Definitely iamthwee


Different criteria for different expertise...just my suggestion. And who are the "judges"? or the searching committee?

The judge and committee consists of, well, err, actually it is me.

Hasn't The Dude already been featured as a member of the month?

Hasn't The Dude already been featured as a member of the month?

At first I thought so too; but I think it's Nichito we're thinking of.

no because elese the dude would have a Featured Poster badge like me

Is it possible to give negative votes for people?

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I've coded the ability for administrators (myself and Davey) to be able to assign individual members as Featured Poster, Featured Blogger, Featured Writer, Featured Coder, Featured Chatter, etc. based on the different things that DaniWeb offers. Once you win the award, you carry around your badge and you also get listed on our awards page.

However, I'm leaving it up to you, the community, to decide who wins and how they should win. Currently, Davey selects one member each month, and that member gets interviewed in our monthly community newsletter. I'm up for other suggestions .... maybe people can win Featured Coder for writing code that does something creative ... ideas?

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The Dude?


Merci Beaucoup my friend :)

I'm up for other suggestions .... maybe people can win Featured Coder for writing code that does something creative ... ideas?

I'd have to vote for Narue as the first Featured Coder for her excellent work on the sticky posts in the c++ forum -- "How To Flush Input Stream" and "Read This Before Posting". I think she has even written a few blogs that are worthy of that distinction.

Yeah I'd vote for Julian Walker (narue) too.

I mean, ever since she removed the personal section from her website I have never quite been the same. And that picture, where she's flirtatiously looking back at the camera - when she removed that, I think I cried five pints that night. Swear down.

But if not her, then theDude.

damn i wish i had seen that picture now, i have always wondered what people look like in real life...

ArkM, Cohen, The Dude and Iamthwee have all now been invited to participate in forthcoming Member of the Month interviews.

Keep the nominations coming...

How about Ezzaral? (S)he is a frequent poster and an addition to the community.
Also I would like to know why there's talk about him in Area 51 (new mod?) ;)

Damn, I just noticed that Ezzarel already was a 'featured poster', so disregard my suggestion

Of course you could always let the 'featured poster of the month' decide who they want to have interviewed for the next month. That way the title has some extra benefits.

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Trouble is not everyone wants to be featured, has time to answer my questions, is suitable material for a MotM nomination. So that 'pass the title on' approach just would not really fly to be honest.


Read post #24 by Davey

What are the criteria that one could be selected for the title. (MotM) Is it that it is only the number of posts that count ? Posting in the Java community I have come across several members that might not have those many posts, but have been a real help for others, the sheer number of their Solved Threads and Reputation tells the story. One such member has already been named, Ezzaral, He has been a revelation with all his posts, masijade, stephen84s and javaAddict are other such members.
And I haven't been in the C++ forum that much but around there, niek_e seems to be one such.

commented: I second niek_e, hes the one who gave me my first good rep :P +6

>Is it that it is only the number of posts that count ?
Not at all. It's pretty much about contribution to Daniweb, whether it be answering questions, providing entertainment, offering suggestions, or just being a good person to have hanging around.