Hi, I'm looking for a ad network that could provide me with a good amount of monthly income without necesarily having to worry about getting enough clicks going for the ads each month, so far I've found one ad network LinkExchange which since the advertisers pay by the month and not by click, publishers get paid a garunteed flat amount each month without needing to worry about getting enough ad clicks each month...anyone know of any other such ad networks that accept publishers (for a topsites)? Thanks!

How about just affiliate programs?
Ones that have people sign up, then you get paid.

Ebay Affiliates is a high paying one.

I don't know of any networks that do what you're requiring because I can't see how it would be beneficial to them. Why take the risk giving you a flat monthly fee if the traffic you are giving them doesn't convert or provide some sort of ROI for the advertiser.

There are networks out there which pay on a CPM basis - which basically means that they pay you per ad view instead of ad click. A couple of these include tribalfusion.com, fastclick.com, valueclick.com ... ValueClick actually recently just bought out FastClick but they're run as independent networks for the time being. Relatively easy to get accepted into, as well.

Try Paid link ads, adbrite, linkadage or linkworth. There are plenty others out there.

hexstar, have you ever tried selling ad space yourself? You might be able to get a few bites if you advertise a flat monthly rate, and the best part about it is you don't have to share the revenue with an agency.

Have you checked TextLinkAds and LinkWorth they sell pure text ads on your site for a monthly price.

I currently sell text links myself. :)

I currently sell text links myself. :)

Who do you use to publish your text link ads?

Try exactseek.com. You can purchase three month packages, edit your ads, even change keywords if the alternative is available.

You can also try widgetbucks.com .

Note: I am not related to the website in anyway.

Who do you use to publish your text link ads?

I wrote my own text ad server in PHP. It gives me an admin interface that lets me add/delete links that appear throughout DaniWeb, while also seeing how much they are paying, contact information, and, if section specific, which sections they are buying.

This is the best one it pays you £10 a month nomatter now many visiters you get for putting a banner up on 3 pages. I highly recomend iv got this on 10 sites atm and its paying for my rent ;) the link is http://www.theadnetwork.co.uk/?aff=12806
have fun

I would say you best route is the big CPM adnetworks. Unless you have over 10k visitors a day and great content you probably won't be able to get into the top dogs like Advertsing.com or ValueClick. If you can, they pay great CPM's for their pubs. I would try either Tribal Fusion, 24/7 Real Media, Viralytics Media or Burst.

I've been in the network game for about 6 years. If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me.

well..i dont know any monthly paying programs..but i have experience with a Pay per view ad network, actually its not an ad network, but an estore. they pays 0.01$ for each banner display and 100% commission for sales u make..and many more..
If you feel this is appropriate one..you just try..and 1 more thing there is a one time fee to join as a partner, but to join as a free affiliate, no fees. but paid for ad views subjected to partners only..
Thank you

try selling your own box ads to advertisers directly. There's some great plugins and you can make much more money. Advertise your ad spaces and if you have enough traffic then the advertisers will come to you.

Take out the middle man

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