I openly accept constructive criticism, and that is the reason for this Site Feedback forum. I hope that anytime anyone has a problem with the site, something is not working, or they have a suggestion, that they please create a thread.

However, I realize that sometimes people need a little encouragement to post their thoughts - especially negative thoughts ;) Therefore, I am opening this thread up to pet peeves about DaniWeb. Please spill your heart out - what frustrates you most about your experience here? If you could change something, what would it be? Hopefully, by the end of this thread, I will end up with some really great ideas of what's in the minds of our members. And that's always a good thing ;)

Remember, even if you don't like how something currently is, but don't have any ideas on how we can make it better, let us know! Maybe someone else will come up with an idea :)

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I love Daniweb, great layout, great people and great discussions. The only problem with me is the number of posts this site has in total. For a site with 29000 members 90k posts are a bit less. I really want this board to get on big-boards quickly apart from that its perfect. Its been a pleasure working for you Dani :)

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