This is my story...
I have been working as a developer for 3 years (right out of college) for this company. I always enjoyed programming and it was my passion since I was a teenager. The thing is that I'm losing this passion... mostly because I'm using a propietary language to code that it's a pain to use. Well I figured that before I decide to give up programming, I would like to have another chance with a different job at a different company, this time using a "standard" language.
Problem is, since all I've been using is this "prop." language, I don't have any knowledge or "hands on" experience with what's new and standard, like .NET, C#, ASP, Java, and when I look for jobs out there, I don't feel like I'm marketable (no one wants my 3 yrs of prop. lang. experience!)
I'm asking for advise here... I know the answer is "LEARN the new stuff!!!" but I don't know how to go about it... I tried getting a couple of books but after working 9 hrs the least I want to do at home is sit in front of the computer with a book to learn (I know, I'm lazy).
I would love to get any input from any of you, whatever you have to say is fine... I'm a bit confused and VERY frustrated right now.

Thanks for your time!

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This is my story...
... I know the answer is "LEARN the new stuff!!!" ...

pretty much answered ur own ? there fixxer! Does ur co have any projects that use current "standard" languages? Maybe u can try some interpersonal networking & c if u can become involved in some way.

Other than that, and dedicated study time, u might look into the local (nearest) computer related club/society. It's a way to socialize with ppl in the trade, possibly learn of a way to learn what u want 2 know, and u might just strike up an aquintance/friendship that may provide an open door for you later on. jfft & gl!


Why dont u look at the various open source projects that are happening on sites like sourceforge.net. They all require people to pitch in somework. U can pitch in and in course learn a new language, say Java or c++

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