I was just posting on the python forum when i tried posting python code and it came out weirdly. I shall show an example. This is not with any noparse or anything. And it dosent wrap it in code tags correctly. You just see the text code=python

print "Hello world"

Just wondering if its just me?

Wait.. suddenly seems to have been fixed.. Nevermind.

I have exactly the same problem with


See! It doesn't work. I thought I was going crazy :)

Edit: It got fixed after 2 minutes? What the hell is going on here?

Edit2: If I edit my post and press 'save changes' the code-tags stop working until I reload the entire page by pressing F5...

Im getting it again! Now i took a screenshot this time. The code-tag you see at the top is inside noparse code tags so it shouldnt be doing anything and yet its still happening! I had to change it to just code rather than code=python otherwise nothing would work. aah i thought this problem would go away quickly, it seems to be sticking around longer than usual.

I need someone to post a screenshot of what they see IN ADDITION to a link to the actual post.

Well that doesn't help me. :( I need to see a screenshot of it not working along with a link of where it doesn't work. Because it works perfectly fine everytime I try.

print pwin

Hows about i try and make a thread in the forum python with some code tags in it just for a test? Is that alright?

echo "test";

Hmm ... I see it not working with until the cached copy comes up. Hold on :)[code=syntax] until the cached copy comes up. Hold on :)

When did you guys FIRST notice this?

I started this thread as soon as i noticed something up.

I've been getting wierd behavior in c++ forum too. Sometimes code tags works and sometimes it doesn't. I toggle pain text and sometimes get a blank window, close the thread, reopen it and it might work the next time. That's why I started that other thread here. Next time it happens I'll post a screen shot of it.

When did it start exactly for you?

echo 'test';

One more test ...


It looks like regular code tags exhibit the same problem. If you post regular code tags in quick reply, then the toggle plain text link shows them blank until you refresh the page. Hmmmm ...

test test test

c-C-c-Combo Breaker!

I'm sorry, but I just felt the need to get between all the cscgal post. (yes, bad forum conduct :()

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When did you guys FIRST notice this?

I noticed it about 1-2 hours after this thread was started, because I wanted to started a thread about it myself, but then noticed that paulthom12345 already started one :)

Problem *should* be resolved. Confirmation?


Works fine ATM.

There is a small minor problem in the Preview window with the dashes below extending beyond the right side of the bounding box. Its ok in actual post, only Preview has that problem.

// File: ConfigManager.cpp
// Implementation of configuration system functions.
// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
#include "dxut.h"