i'm just wondering, "where's the love?"

In the flowers.

> "where's the love?"
It's been downsized :D

> i'm just wondering, "where's the love?"

It's a bit complicated; you probably won't understand even if I told you so let's just leave it at that, KTHXBI. :-)

i'm just wondering, "where's the love?"

You must not be married -- if you had you would understand that married couples often squabble, but they still love each other. Besides, bitching is the whole purpose of this forum :)

i'm just wondering, "where's the love?"

Good question. And from the person that posted:

  • i thought you were leaving anyhow? dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
  • well, hell, i dont care really.
  • ...but i dont know WTF the OP is saying.
  • well, i was getting ready to reply, but then i got to that last part and just lost interest.
  • your reputation as "creepy internet stalker dude", just keeps getting more and more entrenched.
  • yeah, what do you know anyhow?
  • oh, look. here come more 5th graders.
  • come on tux, what we really should be talking about is why Crago3 has paternal abadonment issues.
  • that's about the most insensitive, presumptuous, short-sighted, arrogant and prejudiced remark i've heard in probably... well ... probably a day or two.
  • this is retarded.

I'm just sayin' :icon_wink:

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... are you stalking me?