Believe me the mail system on this site is a handy thing.

But if I recieve mails like:
You're nice, this is my email address, mail me, will send you pictures.
I am not amused really. There are specialized sites for this sort of thing.
Or mails that praise me in heaven for my qualities. (This is fine for my ego of course;) ) and to ask me if I can solve their final.

I think my hopes are idle, but is there a remedy for this?

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You could go to your CONTROL PANEL --> Edit Options and uncheck this option box. Other than that there is little that we can do about it.

you can allow other members to send you email messages.
[ ] Receive Email from Other Members


Ho I see you can even make a buddy list etc.
I think I can work this out.
Thanks again for the suggestion, problem solved.


Also, you can PM me if you get unsolicited PMs and I can have a word with the poster if it so warrants - and the 'send you pictures' ones do as they are spammy, had one myself!

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