I'm a Java developer, but now i'm learning PLT Scheme language and here in DaniWeb we don't have an forum for this language, then if the administrators of this very big and good community add this language to the board i will be very happy.

Nathan Paulino Campos

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There isn't a forum for it because no one has ever asked a question about it and the likelyhood that Dani will create another forum for it is very very remote. Post such a question in "Legacy and Other Languages" forum.


What's wrong with this picture:

<J. Random Newbie says>: "Daniweb is a big and good community, but I want you to cater to my whims and add a forum each time I start learning something new because I'm the most important person in the universe. If you do that I'll be very happy even though I probably won't be posting to that forum in a month and I'll probably disappear before the year is out."

Multiply that by however many times some boob wants his own personal forum and imagine how long Daniweb would continue to be a big and good community if Dani honored each request. The answer is: not very long.


Hey, feel free to keep making suggestions even if they are not applied or there is general disagreement - it's what being part of a community is all about.

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