Hi, I just replied to a thread (2 minutes ago) but the thread is stating that it was an hour ago I replied & for some reason my post is above the OP's post. Here is the thread in question:

By the way I can spell weird, typo! lol

The same thing happened to me in the C++ forum. I have been experiencing problems regarding time of posts all day today. For example sometimes it shows the date instead of the how many minutes, hours, days, ect ago the post was made. Also I have not been recieving email updates when a thread I have subscribed to has be replied to. I hope these problems are being addressed and will be resolved soon.

It just happened again . lol

I am sure they will be, Dani is on the case!

This should be fixed, there were some time synchronization issues.

That thread now seems to be deleted. Probably just as well to be honest!

Everything seems to be back to normal, for now. :)
Good work resolving the problem Dani. I know you've been working really hard lately.