I am facing a really wierd problem, i just formatted my harddrive and installed windows xp service pack 3.

Now i can't access any of the google services. like gmail it get some certificate errors and not trusted site in mozilla and something like this in all other browser.

I can't log in to gtallk. It gives me error "Could not authenticate server"

and in google search all get the search results that are only related to my country.

I don't know what is happening.

any help please,


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Hi. Check that you have set correct date and time.

Hi thanks for the reply,

My date and time is correct and is synchronized with time.windows.com.

Any other ideas.

Ascertain that your Cryptographic Service has started, is set to Automatic.

Why did you formatted you hard disk? is there any reasons like virus, i.e?

Hi gerbil and oA9999,

Thanks for the reply.
Cryptographic service is running and is set to automatic.

I had to format my computer to install new os "windows7".I did install windows7 used for few days then i had some problems, motherboard did not support it fully. so i had to downgrade to windows xp sp3.

After installing xp sp3, i encountered this problem.

Still no solution.


This might not make a difference, but for the sake of getting it out of the way... check the HOSTS file entries and see if something is pointing it to the wrong place. Are you able to ping a few google services... gmail.com, mail.google.com, and see if you can hit them.

commented: He solved the problem by providing exact answer. Very helpful +2

Hi Siemon,

Thanks for the reply. Your suggestion of removing host entries from hosts file did solve the problem.

Thanks a lot man,
You are great

The hosts file entries... any chance your sys has been infected by malware?

Hi gerbil,

I don't know whether my computer is infected by malware or not.

but after removing some entries from hosts file my problem was solved and now i can access all google services just like old times.


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