Ok occasionally I get the following error message on my site
System.String Substring(Int32, Int32)
Error: Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length

here's the wierd part, I don't use that Substring function,
I use System.String Substring(Int32) whose only parameter is start.
So I am getting an error from a function that I am not calling saying that a parameter that I am not passing is less than zero.

Any ideas?

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Cosmic rays? No, sorry, no clue! I just thought I'd respond so you know someone read and thought about your post.


I would like to see stack trace and the corresponding source code with line numbers. Make sure .PDB file is latest.

I guess it is not easy to reproduce, otherwise debugger would have helped.


This Method Give this error because the number is passed into the arg is negative so it's better to post the code to understand the problem


I really doubt they are going to post the source code for a problem that was posted almost four years ago.

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