why do you think the following "solution" in the C-language forum is a good solution?

The problem is that you have not flushed stdin. Put fflush(stdin); before the scanf . That should do it.

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... because you actually gave it a green cookie with the comment:

Well said. - adatapost

i realize you don't post in C very much. I guess there's a reason for that. perhaps you could review a bit before endorsing "solutions"?

Just a suggestion


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And the reason why you posted this in a forum instead of a PM is ....?

Be warned that you're pretty close to getting the last infraction that'll get you banned. Under "keep it pleasant" :

Do not troll by posting anything with malicious intent against another member

I agree that it wasn't the best comment ever made by adatapost. But after almost a year and > 1600 posts, you should really know better then to post crap like this thread.

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Consider the possibility of Adatapost giving the green rep for the following content:

Points to be noted, raghuhr84

* Give the complete program, that is, give #include<stdio.h> . Becomes easier for us to check.
* Use proper indentation
* Use code tags around your program (See the forum rules)

No where does adatapost specify that the solution is a *good solution*. Overzealous, much? :P


Overzealous, much?

touche :P

sometimes something seems like a good idea at the time. then later on, not so much.

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