Is it possible to change my username?

If it is, can i do it myself, or does a admin have to do it for me?

If the last one, could an admin please change my username from "Little and good" to "SWAT"?

I've changed your username. Please be sure to use your new username next time you want to log into the site. The reason why we don't allow username changes generally is because the entire community is based on the fact that we know each other based on our usernames - if everyone changed their usernames willy nilly the foundation of the community, itself, would never succeed.


I understand the whole change-username issue.. i have a website of my own, with a forum, so i actually knew what the answer to my question was..

This was just my way of asking politely...

Good Day!

Can you change my username to?... coz my internship is almost done... but still my username is still internstudent... can you change it to darc or darcee... plzzz... im begging you...

thx in advance!

Uhm, I think its quite obvious what my name is supposed to be, would you mind changing it to WilliamHemsworth please :) ?? It was the worst possible mistake I could do when making this account :D

thank you so much for changing it... ^^

>Uhm, I think its quite obvious what my name is supposed to be, would you mind changing it

You are a Hemswort no more :)

commented: thanks !! +3

Looking to change my username if its still posibil.

For what reason? We tend to only change usernames if there is a good one, rather than just do it upon request...

Becuase i changed my username in all forums and im looking to change it here as well.... !

Have you checked (here) that the username you are looking for has not already been taken?

Yes i have checked and its avaiable.

lol, i dont know why this took so long :)

I was wondering if you could change my username from mjf5012 to joed13k1941. I just joined the forum this month so most people do not know me. I want to change my username because I use a master username and password program and I am using joed13k1941 for that. Please change my name. It would mean a lot.


why we need to change that username i didnot get you

You don't need to change your username, and most people are happy with what they have. Sometimes there is a genuine reason and sometimes 'the management' will oblige when asked nicely:)

yeah i used to be proliant_fan because i joined for help with a compaq proliant server, but then i sold that so now i am just me

can you change my user name to "ezkonekgal"

a lot of people know me by my current username, especially my classmate.. I don't want them to recognize me so much when i post to forums here.. Thanks.. for some personal reasons also.. thank.

can you change my user name too? i want it to be "serkan sendur" instead of "serkansendur".

i dont think you can have spaces

i dont think you can have spaces

What, like Ancient Dragon you mean? :)

can you change my user name too? i want it to be "serkan sendur" instead of "serkansendur".

Done :)

Oh well, seems like I'll ask too :)

I'd like to change my name to "TheKebab". This is due to security reasons because I use this name on way too many places :P