Well! So here is what my problem is. Initially, I started my blog (running of wordpress cms) with a .asia domain. Now, I believe any .com domain would attract more people than any domain name that is targeted to one continent.

So, I purchased a domain name with same name but .com extension.
However, I do not know how can I change my domain name without loosing content and traffic.

I also want to change my web hosting provider which would require change of server. How can I set-up the new blog on a totally new server and redirect all my previous traffic to my new blog with new domain name?

I am not an advanced user or SEO genius so I need help as novice - in details.
Pleas help me guys.

You are going to need to do some research with your new provider. If you plan on moving all of our content and maintain the same exact folder structure, then your new provider simply needs to be able to redirect the hostname portion of hte URL.

for example, they would need to redirect blog.domain.asia/2012/09/01/blogname --> blog.domain.com/2012/09/01/blogname.

This isnt a big deal if this was a typical website and having access to manage the web server. For Apache, you would leverage the .htaccess file and for IIS you would use the URLRewrite Module to create your redirect rules.

Here is an example of how I've done redirects using IIS/URL Rewriting...

Old URL: http://www.anitkb.com/2010/10/how-to-pass-parameters-to-vbscript.html
New URL: http://www.itgeared.com/articles/1075-how-to-pass-parameters-to-vbscript/

If you click on the old link, it will redirect you to the new link.

Notice that I do not only change the domain portion of the URL, but also have changed the structure. This is all done using re-write rules.

Again, check with your new provider for options...

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