I stupidly used my name in the username I choose Doh!
Please can you change my username to FlowerPower1

Thanks :)


Please change my username to cheaphosting if u can
I know i already did make u change my username 1 week before but now i need this username for SEO purpose
Your help would be very kindful


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Just leave.

Done. But we'll be watching you to make sure that your "SEO purpose" doesn't include signature spamming or other violations of Daniweb's rules.


Yep, definitely that wont happen
I have read already the rules and I will be acting upon them

thanks for your help though


i want to change my username wenbnet to webnet.

Cool. What you need to do then, is to ask one of our Administrators if they could please change it for you :).

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Don't see a reason for downvoting
He just did by posting in this thread

hi happygeek,

i want to change my username from Shanti Chepuru to Shanti C

Please Change accordingly.
Thanks in Advance.


Oops! In that case, no problem m'lady... ;)

Hi, Can you please change my username to "theharshest". I have same username on all tech sites, blogs and forums and people know me by that name only. Actually I made this account quiet some time back hence didn't use the desired username. I don't have any posts on the Daniweb community and I want people to know me here by the same username as on other sites on web. I would be very grateful to you.

Thanks in anticipation.


Can you please change my username to: tjeckley - currently I am using my full name so I would like to replace it. Much appreciated.

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