Please remove me from this website. I am feed up getting digest and threads from this website. Thank you in advance, please email me after removing my information.

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man up and stop crying all the time.
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Why not go to user control panel and go to edit options and untick the box that allows the site to email you? Seems simpler for one to do rather than having an admin/mod go into the CP and remove every user that complains about it.

Also, you posted it in the wrong section, the correct section would be an admins/mods PM box.

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As KirkPatrick has said, you can opt out of receiving thread notifications from your user control panel, and every issue of the DaniWeb Digest comes with a link to unsubscribe from further issues (or use the control panel to opt out of getting admin emails)

We cannot 'remove' you from the website as we do not delete member accounts.


It makes me sad Happygeek seeing people not understand they can OPT out and would rather be removed... (This is a wonderfull site,i dont know why anyone would wanna be deleted)

Does it make anyone else sad?

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