Not only does bugger all get done about students posting crappy "do my homework NOW" posts.

We can't even discuss ways to challenge their behaviour.

Polite explanation of the rules doesn't work - why would it, they skipped past them the first time around.

Harassment and mockery doesn't work. Trust me, the original title was a lot better :D
The only truly surprising thing about that thread was the muppet came back for another go at trying the same thing.
Mostly they just vanish without a trace if the first reply isn't spoon-fodder.

Maybe we should just ignore them. I wonder if an entrance page full of "homework" posts with 0 replies and 5 days old would help. Such people might just dwell on the two figures long enough to consider their chances better elsewhere.

I suppose spamming the mods with more "report posts" might do for a while. Though between
- the untagged code, even when the students even bother to show effort,
- the lame-asses who can't be bothered to make an effort,
- waves of drive-by spammers of one sort or another
It could be a busy time for them.

It might be a lot easier if we had a "report good post" button ;)
Anything which doesn't get a vote within 24 hours just gets deleted. It would make life a hell of a lot simpler, and would be an easy 1-liner SQL script to clean away all the unworthy detritus (at midnight in a time zone of your choice).

This crap should have been deleted on sight! It has no merit nor usefulness. They are an eyesore and an embarrassment to all.

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I agree with you, mainly, but what did that 'hijack' thread have to do with people who don't show effort on homework assignments? I thought the whole 'hijack' thing was about threads that had gotten split or something like that. Guess I'm out of the loop...

Hijack thread? He never mentioned hijack thread. Hijacking has nothing to do with this thread except it deals with new members not bothering to follow rules.

We can't even discuss ways to challenge their behaviour.

I think this the reference to the Hijack thread, the one I am still collecting down votes for My post even after it was closed. You can't post in the thread but you can vote in it, I say closed is closed to all activity. 1 down vote for censorship. Later---

That'll teach you to be enthusiastic... :icon_twisted:

That'll teach you to be enthusiastic... :icon_twisted:

My bad. I mistook a feed back forum as a place to post an opinion of a discussed subject, sorry. Later---

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