I'm hoping that I may be able to persuade the PTB that 'mark as solved' should be a button ("this post solved my problem") associated with a message [just like "post reply" and - I'm hoping - just below it).

My short run goal is to increase the utilization rate. My long run goal would be to credit the specific poster (and perhaps responders above to some lesser extent) but give no credit to subsequent 'me too' posts.

commented: I agree with you, why should some m2 guy get the credit as well. +0


- please mark this as solved :p

I disagree. For a few reasons, first of all, no one really cares about your "Solved Threads" count, so there is no need to only award one poster with the solved thread. Another problem there is, what if 15 different people all helped just a little bit with your problem, how would you recognise all of them.

Lastly, it would also seem like a worse idea because it would take more time, therefore probably leading to less use. Imagine if you had to trawl through your thread finding the post that helped you. The feature at the moment can give credit to some people that don't really deserve it, but really.. Who cares?

Well I disagree. If you take a look at MSDN or experts exchange they both mark the response answering the OP. When that has been marked as the answer it also shows directly beneath the original question so you don't have to sift through other (possible unrelated) posts. Once you build confidence in how those sites work you can also start to rely on the thread's disposition to see if its even worth looking at.

Plus the solved thread count is where its at!!!! Come on... thats why we all post :)

That's what REP is for. Give rep to those that help you.