I just had a problem with my computer here at work and I knew the problem and solution straight away but I do not have sufficient privileges to fix the error on my account so I had to contact IT to get it done.

It's taken the guy who came up to fix it over an hour to find the solution. I tried to tell him what to do but each time he just said "that won't work" and, you guessed it, his final solution what what I had been telling him all along.

It just frustrates me how I constantly get turned down for IT jobs because I "don't have enough experience" yet these people who obviously don't know solutions to the simplest of problems seem to get jobs in IT so easily.

I have even made a list for myself of problems with the IT system here which can be solved very easily. Probably not even a days work and the results would also mean their workload is reduced. I'm only on a 6 month contract with this job so I think I'm going to go down there on my last day and just list all the problems I've found which I have a solution to.

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Welcome to the world of IT, especially tech support. They must have the best jobs in the world I'm sure. Not too much knowledge required (no pun intended to any techies!):), easy hours, own time on solving a problem etc.:)

I've been down that road as well. They will insist on using their own solution (which is eventually your own).

The thing is, this problem could have been prevented if they had the systems and network set up properly in the first place.

Correct, but then they would have been out of jobs don't you think? ....LOL

No, because there would still be a need for people to maintain the system. Upgrades and such.

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