Is there a way to edit a post? I think there used to be, right? I don't see an edit button anymore :(

You can only do it within 30 minutes of making the post, after that, it becomes locked and un-editable.

There's a 30 minute window during which you can edit it. If you're looking for the edit button it's on the left under Flag Bad Post.

Ah I didn't realize that - is this basically to keep threads linear?

In the past we had many problems with people going back and editing their posts long after they had been replied to, making threads incomprehensible. We also had a problem where malicious members would get upset about something and go back and delete the contents of hundreds of their posts, making hundreds of conversations meaningless.

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Ah I didn't realize that - is this basically to keep threads linear?Because you could makes all sorts of stuff up - take that ardav idiot for example.


commented: Are you practicing the "ard av" deception? +0

OK quote shows one comment daviddoria post not showing full comment but no edit statement in original post, unconfuse me please. Later---

or ardav added edit to quote

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>or ardav added edit to quote

Que? Moi? Mais c'est absurde!

yeah thou smart a$$ >snicker< Later---