My thread reply notifications are very hit and miss lately. Sometimes I will get them, but mostly I don't.
This has been an ongoing problem for me for a while. I may reply to half a dozen threads and get notification from maybe 1 or 2.
Any ideas?

Hmm ... Really? Please definite "lately" ... Last week? Last month? Last couple of months?? If there is a problem with our mail server, it would help to debug the issue if we had a rough timeline of how long the problem has been occurring. This way we can sync it up to something we may have changed at around the time time.

From what I've been seeing in my own notifications, they've been somewhat... sketchy... since this point.

For a while during that event they stopped altogether. After that was resolved they started coming through normally. About a week later it was kind of hit or miss whether a notification would come through instantly by email, an hour or two later, or not at all.

To this point I get most of my notifications but not all, and some still take 1-2 hours to come through. I had attributed the delays to my own ISP but the missing notifications, not sure.

Hope that helps clear things up a bit :)

I've forwarded this thread on to blud to investigate.