Just wanted to know when do you close a thread??

When all pertinent information has been discussed, and it appears that future posts will only cause trouble.

there is no way i can refer back to those??

You can read them, you just can't reply to them.

there is no way i can refer back to those??

Like [post=156243]this[/post] or [thread=31106]this[/thread]? There are url, thread, and post tags.

commented: Thanks for that Dave, I'm sure I'll find it useful :) +4

There are other reasons for threads being closed also.

For instance, a thread may be created which is adressing content forbidden on this website. Such matters as P2P program assistance is prohibited, for example, and assistance with warezed software.

Also, a post may be made that 'resurrects' a long stagnant thread by simply tacking a further question onto it rather than starting a new thread for the new question.

In such situations moderators may, at their discretion, choose that closing the thread is the most suitable course of action.

1 site im on lets you close your own thread after posting (Although i dunno why you would want to)

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