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You can also find out about how to change the options for how email notification is hanled for your member account, and other useful infoo, in the 'How to do stuff....' topic in the Site News and Feedback section: [url=""][/url] 8

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Hi Dani, and all the regulars here :) I came across your site a while back whilst searching a few discussions for hints to a solution for one of our readers at Australian PC User [url=""][/url] I never found quite what I was looking for at the time, but I …

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Back to basics. Remove or disconnect everything except: Processor and heatsink/fan 1 RAM module Display card (and the monitor of course :D) Get the system completing POST with just that, and then connect up other components one by one, checking to see that it still completes POST. Connect up the …

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That's a Windows problem you have there, then, most likely. It doesn't sound like a hardware problem at all. Somehow, your drivers have been corrupted, or some software is trying to load which is causing Windows to have a 'seizure'. You could spend ages trying to track it down, or …

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That troublesome software have a license code that you've lost track of? If that's the hiccup, try downloading and using Belarc Advisor [url][/url] It's a little utility that gives a report of your system, and part of that report includes license codes for a fair bit of software. Might be …

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Bad RAM. corrupted or incorrect drivers. [url=""][/url] that article would be relevent for XP as well ;)

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Depends on your keyboard I guess. I have a Compaq here which only requires the key to be pressed. I mainly use a Microsoft Office keyboard, for which I first have to press the Flock key, then use the Shift key in combinations with the Printscreen key.

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Oh my. the things I missed while I was away. I'm in full agreement with MartyMcFly. The only valid response to a questiuon such as this, in my view, is "Ask the SA to sort it out for you." Take the program to the SA and get him/her to install …

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Thanks Asif. That's about the only post in this topic so far that's worth looking at. If someone needs a 'quick 'n' easy' to put a website together and hasn't the time to learn how to construct one in a text editor, I'm damned if I see the point in …

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AmbaLee, is he really downloading porn or are you over-reacting to something that isn't actually happening. You see, not every mention of porn you'll see on an internet-connected PC means that someone has been looking at porn. In fact, very very little of it means that! The internet is now …

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Can the database of a phpBB forum be transferred across to run under vBulletin, without losing memberlists, post history and so forth?

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Try this discussion from WinDrivers forums and see if any of the suggestions there give you a clue to what's happening. My inital gut feeling is that your hard drive is incorrectly installed. Are you sure that the drive is correctly jumpered, enabled in BIOS, and the boot order correctly …

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Kalthanis, download and use the Windows Installer cleanup utility [url][/url] See if the uninstall works OK after that. Download it on another PC and save it to CD if necessary, and install/run it in Safe mode on yours.

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That could have something to do with it, for sure. More specifically, whatever tool you used to remove the Trojan may have also removed the folder. If you want to recover the missing files, the more you use that PC the less chance you will have of success ;)

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The Google toolbar is a better alternative for IE users. It adds more functionality. belama, the registry tweak simply forces IE to use Google for searching, rather than the MSN search engine it's set to use by default. My own choice: Firefox rather than Internet Explorer. I have Google set …

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I'm moving this topic to the Security section, because it belongs there anyway. I'd suggest using Stinger, Trojan Remover, adAware and Spybot, all run from 'Safe Mode'. Uninstall all the System Utilities programs you have, as it seems like you have multiple products in use. One good quality suite of …

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By the way, it is impossible for someone on a forum such as this to confirm DEFINITELY whether it is motherboard or processor in a situation such as this. It will USUALLY be the processor, but only testing can confirm that.

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Have you, by any chance, run a refresh install of Windows without first uninstalling any updated version of Internet Explorer? That's a common cause of this problem, and the solution is to uninstall then reinstall Internet Explorer. Have you got any 'Shell' software utilities loaded on your system which enhance …

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Set Security level in Internet Options to 'default'. Disable any and all ad-blocking software. Check Firewall and antivirus settings to ensure that Windows Update is not being blocked (disable these and try to see if they are the problem) Panda Platinum, for example, by default blocks all VB and Java …

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Has this just occurred, or has this particular PC always done this? If it's a recent occurrence, what have you recently changed on the PC -software? hardware?, settings? .........

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Buy a new Centrino notebook! Seriously! The power management features double the best battery lifespan available in any other form of notebook.

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If your system is now slower than it was before it's quite possible you've neglected to load the device drivers it needs.

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Close the program using such files before attempting deletion. What are the files in question please? (I don't mean the filenames, I simply mean what the heck are you trying to delete?)

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Hey! Has anyone here actually downloaded and scanned that zip file? You HAVE got Virus scanners, haven't you? Janna, don't be put off by this. we're happy to have new members onboard who are eager to help out others. But at the same time, don't be surprised if people get …

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Better solution is to move one of the wires from the outside pin to the middle one. They will be held in place with a clip, which you can depress by pushing on it with a pin. You'll see the clip on the side of the connector, and when depressed …

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The [url=]Windows XP Professional Resource Kit[/url] documentation is another excellent resource, which contains a huge amount of information relvent to deploying Windows on a network and to configuring for network access, user account, file permissions and much more.

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