I am back at Daniweb after a long long time. Reason for posting here is that I recollect vaguely that earlier I had an option to search under a particular thread. Needless to say that would reduce my search results by a lot. Now I cant seem to find that option. I am feeling little dumber over my inability to find that option.

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To go to advance search simple do not fill in search filed and just click on Search button. You will be redirected to form for advanced search where you can set number of search options

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thanks guys... (and gals :P). Actually I mistyped...Should have typed "how to search in a particular forum"!!! well thanks anyways as your replies answers my question. Just one thing that I never had problem in finding that thing earlier. This clicking on blank search box is not so intuitive, atleast to me.

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The feature is purposely hidden because the search algorithm doesn't work very well, to be honest. I want to fix a bunch of bugs first.


Thanks you. Wish I could help but I don't know anything about "searching on data of a website"

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