The logic is slightly off.

If we click the UP or DOWN, the vote is automatically counted. Then a box pops up with two buttons,
1) Vote
2) Leave message and vote
The box also has the standard corner X to dismiss the box.

The vote should only be taken when one of the two buttons are clicked. If the X is clicked, no vote should occur.

Agree, I think that problem has been reported before, not long after those two buttons were introduced. Once the up or down button has been pressed there is no way to cancel the vote, such as when you pressed the wrong button.

It's probably one of those things low on Dani's priority list.

WaltP I had already discussing this with Dani in mod section. The final reply was

I agree that it is confusing that you cannot take back a vote. I hope to be able to fix that in the near future. Hopefully, when that is implemented, the whole process will make more sense.

I also suggested use of project tracker to keep an eye on bugs/suggestions/improvements which she said will also look into it, but I guess that slipped from TO-DO list ;)

My response stands. There are two bugs that I hope to have fixed the next time I have time to do an all-day coding session (lately I've been swamped with so much on the business end). Those two things are the ability to take back a vote, and the ability to login (and not just register, like you currently can) from the 'post reply' screen when attempting to post as a guest.

A project tracker ... Baby steps, baby steps. I didn't start using SVN that long ago! The main problem is that I am the only developer, and I spend 99% of my time working on the business side of things nowadays. I've also been doing a LOT of promotion and SEO recently. If I can get one coding day every six weeks into my schedule, I'm thrilled. My goal = Working on business a little bit longer to the point of where we can afford to bring in a second developer.