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I want to get information about visitors like what is the referring page, what is their geolocation, what browser they are using etc. There are several web analytics software available for that. I prefer piwik web analytics. Before using piwik in my website, I want to know whether the visitors like or dislike the use of tracking code in webpages. If the users dislike, I will not use any analytics software. Suppose you are a visitor of my website. How will you feel if you know that you are being tracked? Which one of the following is your answer?

1) Tracking is not a bad thing. The website author really needs data about me. This will help him run his website better. So I don't mind being trakced.

2) I don't like being tracked. I will block that particular script (piwik.js) in my browser or I will stop visiting the website.

My answer:
Personally, if I am the visitor, and somebody is using tracking code in his website, I will definitely block that script in my browser.
Please vote this poll (supposing you are a visitor). The results of the poll will help me decide whether to use web analytics software.