Hi everyone, does anyone know how i might implement a 2D Vote table? Would using a 2D array for it be possible? I'm trying to implement a voting system for the indexes into hash table arrays. Any ideas?

Explain your problem in more details and maybe we can come up with more flexible solution then use of array...

Im doing a project on geometric hashing aite. So now all the protein structures are hashed by having all the coordinates indexed into a hash table, (its a lot more than that but roughly this), all the elements in the same grid square form a linked list (i'm using sorted list), so then, now the objective is to implement a voting system for all model structures compared with the query structure so that we know which models have the highiest similarity with the queries. I'm suppose to implement a 2D vote table but I am not sure how to go about.

implement a 2D vote table

You need to define your problem a lot more. You are using a lot of jargon about your problem without relating it to java programming.

Suppose we have a hash table (seperate chaining method) meaning each cell contains a linked list of elements. How do I implement a counter so that everytime an element gets indexed into a cell, there's an increment in the counter. And at the end establish a result of the cell with the highiest number of indexes. I need a rough idea how to do that.

I don't know if Java's Hashtable has a listener for that purpose. Have you read the API doc?
Are you writing your own hashtable class with that capability?

nope. I'm using Java's, read Java 2's platform api docs, nothing on that kind of listener sir. And yes I am implementing the hashtable class hopefully with that capability. Is it possible?

I'm using Java's


I am implementing the hashtable class

Sorry, these seem contradictory. Are you using Java's class or writing a hashtable class or your own?

Is it possible?

If you are writing you own, then you can have anything you want in the class.

oh i get what you mean. sorry, got confused. Um, yeah, wrote my own hash table class.