A commission has been setup to track Customer Service of companies in your country. The customer service commission is responsible for monitoring how well customers are being served. They have delegated your team with the responsibility of implementing a database to h[TEX][/TEX]elp them achieve their tasks.
The commission needs to store information on all the companies that it will be tracking. The company's contact information, location, name and a description of what the company does needs to be stored. Each company must be categorized, the commission would like to have general categories and then sub-categories. Some categories are Food (Sub Categories - Jamaican, Chinese, French, Indian), Car Service Stations (Sub Categories - Gas, Car Wash), Clothing (Sub Categories - Children's Clothing, Adult Clothing), Utility (Sub-Category -Cable, Water, Light). Each company can be placed in more than one sub-category. The commission would also like a list of products or services that it tracks. If the companies offer this product or service a vote can be placed for them as well. The commission would also like for customers to separately vote for any employee of the company being reviewed.
The commission would like for persons to sign up before casting their vote. The commission would like to track certain demographics about customers when they sign up, namely: age by using date of birth, gender, location through community and parish. They would also like to track their job / student level and the industry they are associated with. All customers must have an email address.
Each customer can rate a company and / or products that the company offers. Each vote/rate is out of 10 and can not go below zero. A person is not allowed to vote more than once for a company or product in the same week. Customers are allowed to also write reviews for each company, product and employee but are limited to the same weekly restrictions as voting.
The commission should be able to produce reports for the company with the best customer service for each month and year.

That is not a question - it's a dump of your assignment.

Ask specific questions and show that you have made some effort with this if you would like others to offer some assistance.

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