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I have posted a welcome to a new member last night. This morning I have noticed that it does not show up, so I have reposted the welcome. The above message was displayed.

Why would this be?

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Regarding the error message, I think what is happening here is that when you are logged in successfully, you are assigned a session token (which looks like the output of a hash algorithm like MD5 or SHA etc.) which has a fixed validity. Given that you were trying to use the same token in the morning (a token which was generated sometime in night), the token validity check must have failed on the server resulting in the given error message.

But this still leaves us with the question as to why the original post wasn't successful which I think Dani might be a better position to answer.


We had a problem with the caching. Blud has fixed it, press CTRL-F5 to reload DW and check if you see the post now. If you don't than please send a link to the thread.

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All seems ok now, thanks Blud. The thread in question here, whch now shows my post from last night. Thanks all.

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