Hello everyone.. I want to start of by saying Yes, I did do a Site search and it didn't answer my questions so now I'll ask you all. (long drawn out question)

I'm basically "computer stupid" coming into the IT field. obviously I know my way around enough to get here and can figure out the difference between a power supply and a video card, but I want to learn everything from the basic basics to Network/system Admin (in due time of course).

I've been in contact with the "educational consultant (recruiter)" at the local (USA - Midwest) New Horizons office and he has suggested an education/career track consisting of: A+ (2006 objectives), Network +, MCSE + Security, CCNA, and Ethical Hacking.

I chose New Horizons primarily because they are in a good location for my daily travels, and I don't see how learning about biology, Othello, and the Anatomy of Man would apply in the technology field of tomorrow....

I've also talked to a couple of people I know who are respected in their area of IT and got conflicting results. Not so much about the organization, but about the path.

(1) Has anyone gone through a complete New Horizons program and if so are you doing what you got trained to do? Is your pay what you expected? and most importantly do you Enjoy your work?

(2) Can anyone offer me some constructive comments about both the positive and negative viewpoints of going through an accelerated course vs long term brick and mortar schooling? Don't you have to have Certs on top of a BS or MS anyway?

(3) There are so many "sites" advertised online that I don't know what to believe.
where are some companies/colleges that some of you have attended that you would recommend for a new guy?

Yes, I'm serious about making this change.. I'm 35 and am kicking myself in the butt for not doing it 15 years ago. I've always been a physical labor guy and now I'm paying the price. time to use the mind for a while.

I thank you all in advance for your comments!

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LaidOffGuy, I am also looking to make the jump into the IT field. What did you decide about the new horizon's program? I have been looking into computertraining.com, but I do not know if it is worth the money. I am also located in Indiana.

I got a bad feeling the more online research I did. I talked to a few friends who have been in the field for many years and they informed me that the kind of money that the NH "advisor"/ sales person was telling me I would make the first year is unrealistic. I chose to enroll at IvyTech in their CIT program and shoot for the 2-year degree. When I enrolled, I talked to the chairhead and she said that they have had several people who failed the NH courses come in to take the IvyTech coursework.
Also, even with the 2-year program at IvyTech, I will not spend the $14-$20,000 that NH wanted for 8 months.

Also- Even at IvyTech the courses are not "easy" and there is a lot of homework, but as long as you ask questions and do the homework assigned you should be okay... Especially if you are serious about the career field you are wanting to get into. I thought I knew a lot when I started my classes, but I am humbled by how little I actually know about the why and how behind computers and the systems/programs that run them. I would suggest to you to look into IvyTech, or one of the Major schools (Ball State, Purdue, IU, etc). Instead of a program that promises so much in such a short amount of time. Remember that saying "if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is" ? Good Luck to you.

Hi there

I read all up ,,

I am Network Trainer at new horizons for the past TEN years

My self I feel stuck here ..

My advice

“” Stay away from New horizons”
And if u ever see Sales Guy .. just run the other all you can coz they come to suck your blood and vanish your hard-worked for Money .

Student is always a bad news for instructors
“ uuuuufff those fools again … oh hate classes .. I guess I am gonna Talk my way through today like I did many days “

That’s picked from a callout over an instructor head .

Good luck for better credential and real education school with a certificate worth the money ..

As per certification … get the books ..do international vendors certification
Then when you work u will only need 25% of what you read .. the rest you can pick it along .

Good luck .

something else to keep in mind is never to take any advice from someone calling themselves a professional yet can't be bothered to check the timestamp on a question and tries to give an answer >3 years after it's already been answered.

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