Hello everybody.Maybe you can help me too?I setup the BIOS password from the 1st day of the usage of my PC and I used it successfully until just 2 days ago.I restarted my PC as usually and when I got prompted to enter the password I entered it but the PC refused to accept it and started to tell me that the password is incorrect.Nobody never touched my PC and me neither changed the password.Something went very freaking wrong and what I have right now is just new PC but not working at all because I can't even use password resetting tools because the 1st screen I see after i push the power button to ON is the enter the password!Battery is soldered to the MB :'( .Very near the battery I found four soldered dots beside which is written the no 1,2,3,4.The dots are not connected,they are just beside each other.My PC is an Acer Aspire 5102 WLMi.I bought it in Japan several months ago so my country(Lithuania) Acer tech support refuses to help me because the PC is bought outside the Eastern Europe.I called to the nearest Acer ITW service which was in Poland and they told that I need to send the PC to the Czech republic and all the business will take around 1 month and sending fees I should cover by myself!Terrible!So maybe you can help me to save time and the money for a problem which never supposed to consume that much time and be so expensive.Thank you in advance.

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Thanks for offering me Hirens.I know it for 4 years and I always have it beside my PC and I know very well how to use it but right now this CD can't help me because as I wrote be4 the 1st screen is requiring password and after you complete with password only then you can choose what to boot and how and etc.


Hi, please send me a very clear picture of the area under the RAM. Remove RAM and take picture of the surrounding area, shouldn't be bigger than twice the size of RAM. From the picture I'll try to to point you to the right direction, but mind you, that whatever happens, good or bad, it's your own responsibility so you will try it under your own risk.

Thanks for everyones help. The problem was solved couple of days after the post but I completely forgot about this thread. I found out the reason why there was no very clear help as it may lead any stolen laptop to be made usable with minimum intervention, expenses and time.

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Do not reopen old post to just hijacking with your own question.

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PS: Your request is also suspicious as the laptop in question can be stolen and we may be trying to help you get around protection without damaging system.

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