What is a team college, staft writer, moderator or sponsor. When i put my mouse over some guys avatar that is what they appear. And how do you identified a daniweb administrator. Hope you can solve my doubts

You identify a DaniWeb admin by doing what you've just stated, hovering your mouse over the avatar.

Sponsors are people who make a financial contribution towards their membership of DaniWeb and get certain extra benefits as a result. See here.

Team colleagues are generally ex-moderators, or people who were amongst the elite group of folk who helped get DaniWeb off the ground in the first place.

A staff writer is someone who provides commissioned editorial content (news/reviews) for DaniWeb, and is an appointed position.

A moderator is a member whose expertise and enthusiasm has been rewarded by a promotion that allows them to spend untold hours helping folk, clearing out spam and dealing with troublemakers - all out of the goodness of their own hearts.

A super moderator is like a moderator, only more super :) Actually, it's the most senior moderator of all.

An admin is at the top of the DaniWeb management tree, tasked with the smooth running of DaniWeb behind the scenes as well as resolving community issues.

A Queen of DaniWeb is Dani, she started the whole thing...

Hope that helps a bit.

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