I was recently answering post and i saw banned under a particular member, what does this mean and what does a member do to get that appellation. Thanks

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A member gains a 'banned' status if he ends up gathering 10 infraction points. When a member is infracted for breaking the rules (http://www.daniweb.com/forums/faq.php?faq=daniweb_policies), he is "infracted" and "awareded" infraction points based on the severity of the rule broken.

Bans can expire, typically in 6 months or so, unless it's a perma ban, which is normally given to persistent drug/porn spammers and those members who create new accounts for the purpose of avoiding/getting around a ban.

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I thought it was when a group of people gathered and played music together....

To answer the other half of the question, you're not allowed to post on Daniweb if your account is banned. It's the web forum equivalent of sitting in time-out.

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