I'm trying to find the code snippets I have posted -- it why is to do damned difficult? There used to be a link to our code snippets but its gone now. I tried advanced searched, enter my name in user id block, selected code snippets, then hit the search button. All got was a list of everyone's code snippets. I really don't want to search through hundreds of code snippets just to find the few that I've posted.


Go into your member profile
Halfway down the page, on the left, it says 'Ancient Dragon has contributed XXX posts to our community'
Within that block, it says 'Code Snippets' and has a link to your code snippets, as well as a link to the stats page for your snippets so you can see at a glance how much traffic your snippets have accumulated.

Here's another way to do it ...

Go to the Advanced Search page and enter your username in the user field, and then select Code Snippets. However, you also have to change the dropdown menu below the user field from 'Find Posts by User' to 'Find Threads Started by User'. Where you went wrong was you were searching for all code snippet threads that you posted in, instead of just the ones you started.

Thanks. I just knew there must be an easier way to do that :)