Hello all,

Can you please clear me what does the number in "()" against the infraction below one's name means? as if you look at the last line of my intro at left Infractions:2/1 (5) what is 2/1 and (5)

This is only visible to you and moderators/admins.

2/1 (5) == active warnings/active infractions (active points).

So this means that you have 2 (active) warnings and 1 (active) infraction, resulting in 5 "ban-points". 10 points will result in a ban from DW for an amount of time.

So be careful! :P

OK but to-date i am unaware of why i m getting warnings and these ban points :(... any way thanks for clearing my confusion

Try reading your Private Messages. They are explained in the messages.

In your control panel, under the Reputation and Infractions tab, you can look at all of the warnings and infractions applied to your account (both active and expired). As well as the private message sent for any moderation activity, you can get an overview of the where and when of your infractions, as well as who issued it.

If you have any questions on a warning or infraction, feel free to send anyone on the moderation team a private message and they can get details for you.