This has been an annoyance for some time now. Hover the mouse of any of the links on the purple ribbon at the bottom of the screen and something or someone is displaying the URL for that link, which hides half the purple ribbon. The same thing happens with IE8, IE9 and Chrome. Is that something that DaniWeb is doing or something that's part of the browsers ?

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Hey, this is neat! I tried to open this thread in IE to check the problem out and "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" is displayed! And i can use the button to "Diagnose Connection Problem"!!!

Leave it to ol' Microsludge to not even work...


must be a problem with your computer because IE8/9 has no problems with it for me. Don't blame M$ for something that may be your own fault.

But I also noticed its not DaniWeb but it happens everywhere.

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Of course it's my fault. I didn't set IE up. And since it can't figure out how I connect by checking the system itself, (and I don't like IE anyway) I'll just let it be a cripple.
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