I must have missed where it is explained but I still don't see my userpic on my posts. How long does it take, or how many posts? Or perhaps I have it loaded wrong. **shrug**

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The ten post minimum doesn't exist anymore. Do you mean your avatar? Your profile picture only appears in your profile.


Thanks tayspen, and I see another reply.

Hi cscgirl. I guess you can call it my avatar, I uploaded a pic from my own computer and it shows up fine in my control panel. I see pics beside most all usernames at the top of the posts and I was wondering when mine would show. Can you tell if I did something wrong when I uploaded it?


I don't know how on earth you managed it, but it looks as if you got your avatar to be entered into the database while all other avatars are regular files. Let me try to figure this one out.

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