Recent newsletter from Daniweb had an article and dicount coupon for Reimage.

I clicked on the link. As with most dodgy cleanup apps there was no pricing, just a download. But this was a recommentdation from Daniweb and surely they wouldn't be recommending something that wasn't legit. Although rereading the article it wasn't really a recomendation, just an article although it does say "Members of DaniWeb can benefit..."

Anyhow I ran the app which told me I had lots of problems and if I paid them some money they would fix them.

So I thought I'd give it a try. I should know better but surely DaniWeb wouldn't be promoting it if it wan't good. Finally get to the bit where they tell me the price. Almost $70. No where to input the DaniWeb coupon. Went to PayPal. I continued thinking it would take me back to Reimage to confirm and input a coupon. Sorry too late.

Ran the app. It spent an hour replacing stuff.

When it finished it offered me the option to rollback. But at that stage I hadn't had an opportunity to see the damage.

Something looked wrong. Lost all the items I'd added to the task bar and reset my WIndows theme. Second app I tried to open had lost my registration.

Fixed most stuff easily but thought I'd rerun Reimage to see if it thought that it had fixed anything.

The scan finished reporting that no issues were found but then spent an hour 'replacing files'. This screwed up my themes and task bar again.

At least I can't complain about the support. Doesn't seem to be any. No reply.

When I try to uninstall it wanted to roll back changes so I'm not sure what damage that will do. Looks like I'm doing a Windows reinstall this weekend.

Thanks DaniWeb but maybe you should vet your promoted items a bit better.

Reimage is known scamware and therefore should not have been in the Daniweb newsletter. Someone needs to check the links we're "promoting", this is a really bad screw-up.

@kentgorrell: You might want to post this problem here because you're currently infected with malware. Crunchie or jholland1964 will help you remove the infection.

Reimage offered to do a manual fix via remote access, but if it's going to change my task bar, theme etc whenever I run it then it's not really going to be useful.
They have refunded my purchase.