I recently purchased WNR2000 Netgear "N" Router in hopes of speeding up my internet connections. I have only had headaches with connecting wirelessly. I don't know if I have a defective router or just some settings wrong.

The two PCs I have connected with ethernet cables to the router work fine. Occasionally the laptops have trouble with connecting wirelessly. I have seen no increase in speeds. And the only way I can get my XBox 360 and iPhone to connect are by changing a setting on the router setup page (basically resetting the router). iPhones and wireless XBox will work for about a day, then stop working unless I reset the router again.

What's going on with it? I am to the point where I may just switch back to my old U.S. Robotics "G" Wireless router.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

perhaps try to increase the mhz on the router. i had issues with a netgear wireless n myself. i ended up taking it back and getting a linksys wireless n. with wireless n, you need to make sure that all of your wireless network cards support the wireless n technology. if they dont you wont even see the network.

does the router allow support for wireless n & g connections or n only?

All of the devices I am using are recognizing my network as an option, but some of the devices can't connect. For example, my new XBox 360 which has wireless N technology built into it see the network out there, but when I try and connect, it says, "Can't obtain an IP address from your router or modem."

The router allows for all types of connections as I have been using b and g connections on a couple of my laptops.

make sure the router is set to the dhcp server

what kind of internet are you connected to ?

My router is set to "Dynamic IP (DHCP)"

I am using a broadband internet service.

I just noticed that according to ipconfig, the router is assigning a 172 ip address on my main computer. However, on my iPhone and XBox where I am having connection problems, it is assign a 169 address. How can I fix this?

your going to want the router to assign the IP addresses

give it the ip address range 192.168.x.100 - 192.168.x.200

if it asks for dns information use the dns servers from your internet

if your main computer connecting to the access point, or is it ethernet?

I got it set to the range you suggested and it works for about a day, then stops. Then my iPhone and XBox and some laptops get assigned the APIPA 169.254.x.xxx IP address and no longer work. The main computer is hooked up via ethernet.

I was having extreme problems connecting wireless with a Dell Inspiron Mini 10. I could cable connect with no problems. But, the wireless connection was extremely slow when I could get it to work.
SOLUTION: Apparently the 1510 network card has problems communicating. Using my browser on the computer directly connected to the router, I entered the router configuration page. Then I clicked on the Linksys WRT54GS wireless configuration tab and changed the frequency channel from 6 to 11. The problems went away and the wireless connection on the netbook was flawless.

Changing the frequency channel worked for me.