doesn't seem to be working that well for me using Opera.
For the last week maybe, I am having to gesture or click twice on the back arrow to go back a page, but only on some pages here.
I see the progress bar flicker as it attempts to obey the command, but nothing happens. I have to then repeat the command for the page to go back.
This does not happen when I am viewing who's online, but seems to behave that way in all other areas.
Were any changes made that would account for this behaviour?
No problems at other sites using Opera.

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I can second this behaviour (started when I upgraded to 11.60 for me). What I notice is that the facebook icon changes to 'false' (the text) when this happens.

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Yeah, it may have been when I upgraded too, come to think of it.
Still, I have not had this behaviour at any other sites. What about you, pritaeas?


It's just Opera telling you to look forward. Leave the past behind you... :icon_twisted:

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