When using Remote assistance in windows 7 it shows a list(albeit a small one) of past addresses(ip or computername) that you have logged into. Problem is it is numeric/alphabetic order. Is there a registry setting I can change so it will show me this History in chronological order?


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Can anyone help me with this?


My name is Deepa and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. As far as my knowledge, there is no such changes that you can do in the registry of your system. You might not get the past addresses in chronological order. Although you can refer to this link for further information:-

For further help please reply.

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Unfortunately that link is for Remote Desktop connection and not Remote Assistance. With windows XP it would list the history for Remote assistance connections on chronological order, now with Windows 7 it seems to do it in Alphabetical order. Thank you for the help.

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